Sunday, March 27, 2011

Item #18 - Round beaded, charcoal-black Jasper Handmade Jewelry Set

Jeans and a t-shirt, ruffled blouse, take your pick!  This piece goes with just about anything.  Charcoal black, smooth round Jasper, deep faceted smokey quartz, china cut crystals, and delicate translucent coffee seed beads.  They all come together to make this a genuine original that's sure to compliment your wardrobe!
Designed and pieced by Julie Saliby for JJ Gems
Approx. 30-3/4 inches long unclasped, and 15 inches long clasped 
Earrings are 2 inches long
Suggested retail price is $35.00


**BIDDING HAS CLOSED** Bids received after 12am on Friday, April 15th (Pacific Standard Time) cannot be considered valid. Thank you for your support!

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