Friday, April 15, 2011

to all of you that supported our SweetPea Benefit Boutique in so many different ways! 

As for our bid winners, you will be notified Friday, April 15th, sent an invoice with your bid amount through PayPal and asked for your shipping information. Upon email notification, you'll have 3 days to fulfill your bid (Midnight, Monday night the 18th of April) or the next highest bidder will be notified; so be sure to watch your inboxes! If you have any questions, see details in the "how this boutique works" tab or email us.

What's next? We will update this blog with the success stories of our 2 couples- so be sure to follow us and keep them in your thoughts and prayers! 

Furthermore, we have loved our experience of putting together this blog and helping these couples so much that we will be hosting another SweetPea Benefit Boutique! We anticipate the next Benefit Boutique to begin in October 2011. This is where we need your help! Tell us about you or your friend who is struggling with infertility and is ready to start/continue building a family via adoption or fertility treatments:

In the subject line, please type "October Couple"

If you would like to contribute an item to be bid upon for the next Benefit Boutique, we'd love to hear from you, too! Just type "October Contributor" in the subject line.

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**BIDDING HAS CLOSED** Bids received after 12am on Friday, April 15th (Pacific Standard Time) cannot be considered valid. Thank you for your support!

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